Achille  Van  Sassenbrouck
Bruges  1886-1979  Gent

The  Work  on  the  Fields                              1921

oil on canvas
64 x 70 cm                                                   25.2 x 27.6 in

signed lower right Ach Van sassenbrouck.

Date:  painted in 1921

Situated:  painted in the village of Drongen - Baarle near Gent

Achiel Van Sassenbrouck Dendermonde 1977 p.220 ill.p.220 (Landscape  near Drongen-Baarle 1921 a signed and dated study in oil for our painting; private collection)

with the original wooden frame, sculpted and painted by the artist

Achille Van
 Van Sassenbrouck shows a landscape with people working on a field in the village of Drongen-Baarle. From 1920 the influence of plasticism and De Stijl-movement shows in his work. This is characterised by a synthesis, bright colours and attention to the construction. This voluntary schematisation led to a very personal expressionism. By using a simplified construction and stark geometrical forms he reduced the theme to its bare essence. But Van Sassenbrouck did not deform the subject. With an objective vision on reality he depicted only the key elements in a landscape and used expressionism to show a powerful composition. The solid structure becomes obvious by his interpretation of the theme. The colours are painted with almost no nuances and stay vivid and powerful. The light reveals the plastic values of the composition and makes the composition harmonious. This light radiates from the sky and the earth self. Van Sassenbrouck's brutal expressionism has a special attraction. His work looks a mixture between reality and dream. With details giving an extra dimention at the suggestive force which radiates from his paintings. The figures - with solid contours - are not posing in the landscape, but are real and monumentaly.
In 1921 Van Sassenbrouck moved from Bruges to the Brussels suburb of Elsene. Until his departure in 1925 he had contacts with avant-garde artists, writers and poets. In the capital he did regularly meet the already famous Eugene Laermans. His influence is visible in Van Sassenbrouck's themes. Both had a preference for the lower classes. But Laermans showed a subjective vision, while Van Sassenbrouck left room for an interpretation in the mind of the viewer. His subjects look spontaneous - they radiate a joie de vivre instead of a tragedy - and are less anecdotal than those of Laermans. Also Van Sassenbrouck paid equal attention to the landscape and the figures while they are bound with one other.
Achille Van Sassenbrouck was a pupil of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bruges with Edmond Van Hove. From 1908 until 1914 he followed classes at the National Superior Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp with Frans Courtens, Juliaan De Vriendt (1842-1935) and Frans Van Leemputten (1850-1914). In 1914 he volunteered in the army. He made it to the rank of sergeant but was seriously injured at the front in 1915. After a revalidation in Calais he was dismissed from active service in 1916 and established himself for about one year in Port-Villez. This village at the shores of the river Seine - between Paris and Rouen (département de l'Eure) - is near to Giverny where Claude Monet resided. By coincidence Van Sassenbrouck did encounter him on a painting expedition. Monet showed some interest in the painting he was executing, gave some advice and encouraged him to continue. In return Van Sassenbrouck did pay some visits to the master. He discovered impressionism from first hand and painted some impressionist works. In the years from 1917 until 1920 Van Sassenbrouck progressed towards a synthesis of bright colours in his paintings of soldiers and ruined landscapes. After living in Bruges for one year in 1919, Van Sassenbrouck did spent five months in Amsterdam and Volendam in 1920. On his return to Belgium in 1921 he went to live in Elsene (Brussels). Under influence of plasticism and the movement of De Stijl Van Sassenbrouck started accentuating - from 1920 on - geometrical forms. He found his definitive style in the years 1925-1928 when the artist lived in the Cité Moderne in the Brussels suburb of Sint-Agatha-Berchem. After buying a boat he undertook painting expeditions through Flanders, working in Bruges, Gent, Sint-Martens-Latem, Tielt and at the Belgian coast in Nieuwpoort, Oostende and Zeebrugge. On one of these journeys he discovered the village of Hamme, between the rivers Schelde and Durme. After returning from a trip to New York and through Canada in 1929-1930 Achille Van Sassenbrouck build himself a house at the banks of the river Durme in Hamme, where he continued to paint his powerful and attractive compositions.
Achille Van Sassenbrouck participated in exhibitions in Antwerp - e.g. with the group Lumière - Bruges, Brussels, Gent, Le Havre, Nieuwpoort, Ostend, Paris and De Panne. His work was shown on official exhibitions of Belgian Art in Brazil, Estland, France, Hongary, Italy, Lithouania, The Netherlands, the United States and Sweden. Retrospective exhibitions took place in Amsterdam (1921), Antwerp (1923, 1949 & 1974), Bruges (1919 & 1974), in the Brussels Cercle Artistique et Littéraire (1928) and the galleries L'Etoile (1929) and Kodak (1930), Hamme (1976), New York (1930) and Rotterdam (1922). Among his admirers were Jules Destrée, Queen Elisabeth of Belgium, Count Maurice Lippens and the art-critics Robert de Bendere, Pol de Mont, Maurice De Praeter and Emile Verhaeren. Achille Van Sassenbrouck was a Knight in the Order of the Crown since 1921 .

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