Maes Fine Paintings is an independent family-owned gallery run by father and son Rogier and Bart Maes. Since 1977 we are specialised in 19th and 20th century belgian art. It was the enthusiam for Belgian painting, works on paper and sculptures of the still Director Rogier Maes which led to the founding of the Oude Vlaamse Galerij in 1977 and in conjunction the Maes Galerie in 1997. Since the mid-nineties of the previous century he is joined by his son Bart Maes.


In Belgian Art we do have a representative selection of good quality 19th and 20th century artists, including plein-air painters (Societe Libre des Beaux-Arts – La Chrysalide - School van Dendermonde – School van Kalmthout – School van Tervuren), impressionist (Les XX – La libre esthetique – Vie et lumiere), neoimpressionist (pointillism) and post-impressionist art, next to symbolist and expressionist paintings, drawings and sculpture (e.g. Latemse school) as well as belle epoque artists. Next to Belgian Art we occasionally deal with old masters, i.c. 16th to 18th century flemish and dutch paintings. Artists represented in the past include the sculptor Jos. De Decker (1912-2000) and the surrealist painter Marc. Eemans (1908-1998). We do represent the estate of the painter and water-colourist Pieter Van Mol (1906–1988).
We deal with the private collector as well with the trade, public collections and museums. In addition to maintaining an inventory in our galleries we also handle works on a consignment basis. Our year-long understanding of the market, important art reference library and extensive archives are invaluable today in assisting the research that forms the basis of expertise and authentification. All works are authentic and in good condition, all acquisitions are provided with a certificate of authenticity and fully documented.
We also act as consultant and can provide advice for an occasional purchase, on assembling a collection, valuation for insurance purposes and successions and do have our own atelier for restauration and conservation of paintings.

Maes Fine Paintings does have two premises: since 1977 Oude Vlaamse Galerij in the village of Sint-Amands aan de Schelde - near Brussels - and since 1997 Maes Galerie in the heart of the city of Knokke - at the belgian coast – with both galleries still on the same site.
Each location provides an example of the works of art we trade in and can be visited during openinghours and by appointment. We do also organise exhibitions on our premises and regularly participate in art and antiques fairs.

member of the
Royal Belgian Chamber of Antique Dealers.     

member of CINOA


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